Covid 19

Clinic Now Fully Open

I am currently closed until March 9th. That will be three weeks from my first vaccine and at that stage I am planning to reopen from Tuesday to Tuesday each week. The changes that were in place when I reopened after the first lockdown remain in place and are outlined below.

My clinic hours will be 9am to 5pm with 45 minute appointments. I will be allowing an extra 15 mins between patients for the increased necessary hygiene.

The various changes from the normal appointment ‘routine’ are as follows:

·      Please stay in your car until I come out to let you know I am ready.
·      If arriving on foot, please arrive at the allotted time and I will come out and collect you.
·      Please only bring in what is absolutely necessary i.e. no bags etc.
·      Please wear a mask. I will have spare masks if needed.
·      I will ask you to use the clinic hand sanitiser if you do not have one, when you arrive and leave
·      Payment is 24 hours prior to appointment via bank transfer or pre-written cheque on the day. No cash or cards please.

Consultation and Treatment 

I will practice “social distancing’ as much as is possible, but due to the nature of how Osteopaths work, that is difficult! While I am taking any history / updates I will make sure that we are the required 2m away. During treatment wherever possible I will try and reduce the amount of face to face time, however this is impossible to avoid completely.

Between each patient I will:

·       Sanitise the osteopathic couch and will not be using a cover
·       Change the pillowcase
·       Wipe down and clean all the surfaces that will have been touched by patients or me

As you leave you can re-sanitise your hands and dispose of your mask in the bin provided. I will organise the disposal of this for you.

Toilet Use

The toilet here will be still available to use, however only if absolutely necessary. There will be wipes provided so that you can clean surfaces after use. I will ensure that the toilet is cleaned between patients where necessary.

Payment and Follow-up Treatments

·       Please pay by Bank Transfer 24 hrs prior to appointment. I will give bank details as and when required.
·       If you do not use Internet Banking, please bring a pre-written cheque. Cheques to be made payable to R Williams
·       Please no cash or cards.

I will not be giving out appointment cards for reviews but will WhatsApp / Text / E-mail new appointments as appropriate.

Please do not hesitate to give me a call to discuss any of the above or if you would like more information.


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